Bobbi Jackson, Equine Enhanced Movement, LLC
Advanced Certified Practitioner, Equine Structural Integration


When you first saw your horse, remember thinking he could carry you over the moon? Remember how he took your breath away when you first watched his video? But these days your horse seems something less than what you imagined. Your horse may be 'honest' and have a 'great work ethic' ...but does he only feel 'ordinary' to ride? Where did that 'take-your-breath-away' feeling go?

Accomplishing your goals with Equine Structural Integration

Helping Horses Improve Performance: By using the principles of Structural Integration learned at The Equine Natural Movement School, these sessions can bring your horse's system of connective tissue, muscles and bones into balance and alignment. Equine Structural Integration will help you to attain the performance goals you seek for your horse by….

  • Improving Suppleness                                         
  • Increasing Impulsion, Energy & Vibrancy                                              
  • Accentuating Grace & Fluidity
  • Heightening Precision & Responsiveness
  • Reducing Risk of Injuries
  • Helping to Recuperate from Injuries or Diseases
  • Aiding Effectiveness of Other Therapies
  • Encouraging Better Attitude       

Equine Structural Integration seeks.. to honor the skills, strengths and promise in each horse. Structural Integration bodywork reestablishes the natural expressiveness of your horse's movement by freeing restrictions and holding patterns in the connective tissue of the body. Equine Structural Integration Practitioners approach each individual horse with great compassion, kindness and in a respectful manner. 

By addressing the underlying structural systems of the body, Equine Structural Integration creates significant lasting changes that improve the flexiblity of the horse's body; these changes return the natural freedom of balance, power and elegance of movement inherent in each individual. As horses gain confidence in their ability to use their bodies more fully, willingness to learn and partner 'with' their riders increases.

Equine Structural Integration sessions work well alongside therapies such as Equine Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Massage. Each modality offers an additional 'piece within the puzzle' of your horse's journey towards becoming the best that he or she can be.